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Tartine Book No 3

Tartine Book No 3
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More than any others, these books influenced our bread and pastry programs. We still look to them on occasion for inspiration, as we continue to learn about the ever-fascinating possibilities created when you combine yeast, water and flour. The books are also incredibly beautiful, a joy to leaf through.

Tartine Bread gives a thorough orientation to author Chad Robertson's baking philosophy and fundamentals of style. Learn how to begin a sourdough starter, keep it happy, and use it as a starting point for recipes ranging from simple country loaves to crusty baguettes and fruit-studded delicacies.

Tartine Book No.3 builds on the techniques in Tartine Bread, expanding into explorations of whole grains with recipes for breads, crackers, cookies and more. This is a bread book, but also an art book, with beautiful photos also by Robertson.

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